Dr. Casi B. Stubbs D.M.D., wife and mother of two daughters, brings life to a message that many mothers hold dear to their heart.


Having spent her summers along the emerald coast of Northwest Florida and the widely known County Highway 30A, where she now resides, Dr. Stubbs brilliantly uses her childhood memories while creating new ones for her daughters, to illustrate her inspiring advice.


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Geared toward kids between the ages of 2 and 8, Dr. Stubbs’ new book, This Will Be and You Will See (2013), is about that rare precious moment a parent cherishes with their children. A simple day at the beach building sandcastles, bicycle riding on trails between the tall sea grass then stopping for triple-decker ice cream cones and making new friends translates actually into one cleverly-constructed narration of a mother’s spiritual journey to prepare her two daughters for a happy, fulfilling life.


With such amazing scenes depicted in various beach settings nuanced directly from the Emerald Coast by children’s book illustrator, Gina Ricci, every reader will revisit This Will Be like it’s a way of bringing the beach home with them (sans the sand), figuring out the mystery of precisely where each drawing in the book is located.


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